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WELCOME to the Home of Lincoln Labradors!

We are a Family-run and Family-oriented, English Labrador Retriever breeder, nestled in the country side and rolling hills of Eastern PA.  Animals have always been apart of our daily lives and will hopefully always be. 

We enjoy our dogs as family pets first, and carefully plan our litters, for health, confirmation and temperament.

Our puppies make excellent family additions, as they are raised in the midst of our family and in our home. We feel so blessed, to play such a small part in raising these beautiful puppies, that bring so much Joy, to so many lives! 

We strive to improve the temperament, type, and health of each puppy. We also perform proper testing on our dogs - which includes , OFA Hips, CERF/CAER (eyes), prcd-PRA, CNM (centro-nuclear myopathy), EIC (exercise-induced collapse), RD/OSD (retinal dysplasia/oculo-skeletal dysplasia), cardiac testing and Non-Dilute (no dilute factors of silver, champagne, or charcoal will be part of our breeding program since the dilute gene is not part of a true purebred Labrador.)

 If you are looking for a Purebred English Labrador, then you have come to the right spot! Look no farther for your new Companion, Service dog, Hunting Partner or Family pet! We are confident that our puppies will meet your need and quite possibly exceed your expectations!

Please, look around our site. We have invested MANY hours providing you info about our dogs and breeding program. If you read thoroughly, most of your questions should be answered right here. But as always, If you have any questions that aren't answered on our website, please feel free to contact us. We are here to help!

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