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Here at Lincoln Labradors, we breed on a very small scale, so that each of our puppies that is whelped on our premises, are the recipients of much love, attention, and play time from our family. We whole heartily believe, that the first few weeks are so important that each and every puppy knows the touch and voice of a loving human. We color code each puppy, and spend an enormous amount of time watching them very carefully, over the weeks that they are with us. 

Puppies are born in our Home, so that we can keep a very close eye on them from birth on up!

A Few Days old, and accustom to our touch, voice and love.
3 weeks old - Whelping Box View.

At approximately 4-5 weeks of Age, we transition from their whelping box, to a Larger indoor area, where it encourages Pups, to continue to grow, explore and play. We also start paper training, introduce food and begin the weaning process. 

At approximately 7-8 Weeks of age, we invite you to come meet the Crew! Below is a glimpse into their lives at this stage and what you can expect at your visit.  

When we have puppies, the picture below is a typical scene. Puppies are loved on daily, by my family and me, and will be accustom to children. As the puppies grow, we have lot's of room for them to run and play on our 10 Acres.

Our dogs will tell you, that outdoor play is always a highlight! The Weather elements rarely stop this play - In fact Labs were made for most weather elements, and think it makes play time, that much more fun! 

We believe, fun and healthy exercise, leads to a happy, healthy, content dog!


At 7 Weeks of Age, all puppies get a ride to our vet and have proper health screenings, procedures and clearances done. 

During this whole process, we maintain direct contact with you and update frequently with pictures, as your new family addition grows in our care.

At 8 Weeks of age, we say "Good-bye" to our fur-babies, and watch them bring so much Joy, to so many lives, over the next many years!



Due to the serious risk of Parvo, We do not allow anyone to see the puppies until they have had their first parvo/distemper vaccination. (This Vaccine will be given at their first puppy visit.) For this same reason, we also do not allow People, to "just come visit" our place.

We are very fussy here about disease control. For this reason, we ask that you do NOT bring your other pets along when you come to visit. Other dogs are NOT permitted on our property, without our consent.

We hope you can understand our policy - It's for the safety and well being of our dogs/puppies. When you come to choose your puppy or pick up your puppy, you can gladly meet the parents at that time.

We DO maintain dircet contact with our family's that are getting one of our puppies, and send out lots of Pictures so that family's can "Watch" their puppy grow, until they are old enough to meet.

Here is a resource to research Parvo, to understand the seriousness of it

Thank you for caring as much as we do about our Puppies Safety and Health!

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