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If you would like to adopt a puppy, or wish to be on our waiting list, please contact us via email @ or fill out our Puppy Questionnaire

Step One: Reserve a spot on our adoption list.

If you wish to have your name on our adoption list, you will need to fill out a Puppy Questionnaire, and then put down a $500 non-refundable deposit. This deposit will go towards your total adoption price of the puppy of your choice.  Pups are picked out in the order of deposits received. 

 We perform proper health testing and screenings on our dogs, to ensure that we are improving the breed and offering genetically healthy puppies, who will have a much lesser chance of health problems as they age. Some of these test need to be done yearly, which is quite costly. Dogs that are not hip, heart, elbow and eye certified, (Issues that are prone to this breed) are often sold at a cheaper price point. As the old saying goes, "You get what you pay for!"

When you place your deposit, you will need to know the gender and color of the pup you'd like.  If what you reserved is not produced, you may switch to a different puppy (If available) or have your deposit refunded.  Otherwise, please note that deposits are non-refundable.  We sell our puppies to pet homes only, unless breeding rights are discussed ahead of time, all puppies will be sold with Limited Registration.

Step Two: Weekly updates / Puppy Prep

While you anxiously wait to bring your new family member home, we will maintain direct contact with you and keep you informed, of your puppies growth and provide updated photos. We encourage you to use this time, to puppy proof and prep your home for when your new family member is finally old enough to come home with you!


  We will set up appointments with the prospective adopters according to the order of deposits received. Deposit spots are on a "First come, first serve" basis.


Due to the serious risk of Parvo, We do not allow anyone to see the puppies until they are 7-8 weeks old and have had their first parvo/distemper vaccination. For this same reason, we also do not allow families, to just come visit our place.

We are very fussy here about disease control.

We hope you can understand our policy - It's for the safety and well being of our dogs/puppies. When you come to choose your puppy or pick up your puppy, you can gladly meet the parents at that time. I am more than happy to give you my vets name and number for a reference. 

Here is a resource to research Parvo, to understand the seriousness of it.

Step Three: Taking your puppy home!

At 8 weeks of age, your puppy will be ready to go to their new forever home. Together we will arrange a date and time for pick your puppy, and will go over important information at pick up time, such as taking care of your new family member and our contract/health guarantee.

Each puppy will be inspected by my veterinarian, vaccinated at 7-8 weeks of age (Distemper vaccine) and De-wormed at 2, 4, 6 and 8 weeks of age.

We want you and your puppy to get off to a great start!!  When sending you home with your new family member, you will be given the following:

- A folder with all their AKC papers/forms (Limited Registration, unless discussed ahead of time with me.)

- Small bag of premium dog food 

- Training Treats

- Toy

- Basic Care/Training Instructions

- AKC Pedigree / Litter certificate

-Health record from my veterinarian

We also strongly encourage you to enroll your puppy in obedience classes. If you choose to do your own training. has some great resources. We strongly encourage you to read their book (Available on Amazon) before bringing your puppy home!























We do NOT offer shipping as we prefer to deal directly with our customers, and believe it is in your puppy's best interest and well-being that you pick him or her up in person.

 If for any reason, we feel that a puppy will not do well in it's new environment,

we retain the right to refuse a sale to any individual. 

We will however do our best to help and ensure that the puppy you pick,

will do good in it's environment and situation.

Thank you!

Note: It is not uncommon for Animals that live together, to synchronize their Heat Cycles. Because of this, we may occasionally have more then 1 litter at the same time or close in age. 

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