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We Love Updates! . . . . . . . . . . 

I have been wanting to drop you an email for quite some time and am just getting around to it. I wanted to let you know that I think we got the best pup out of the bunch! We got the puppy that you called Shadow and we named "Milo" He is absolutely a wonderful dog!
We really couldn't have asked for a better dog. He acclimated to our older dog better than we could have imagined and is quite simply loved by us all. I can't believe we had a single dog home for so long, but now after having Milo and seeing the companionship that they together, we will always have a 2 dog household.
As you can see from the attached photo, he is also quite big and has grown since August 2013. He is a 100lb+ happy, loved dog and valued part of our family.
I hope that if and when we are looking for another addition to our family,that you are still breeding such wonderful dogs, as we will be reaching out to you.
Warm regards,

"We just wanted to give you an update and send you some pictures of our "Kona" who we brought home from you last July! She is the sweetest, prettiest and most precious dog. She is smart and can do many tricks (roll over, paw, “other” paw, twirl, among others). Kona has a lot of personality, energy, and loves to go on walks, play fetch and tug of war, run in the yard, get treats, and play with kids, people and other dogs. She comes along with us almost everywhere and always gets lots of attention! We could not ask for a more perfect dog for our family- we absolutely love her!!"  - Katie

Great experience! We are sooo in love with our "Nala" She is healthy, beautiful and a awesome addition to our Family. Thank you!  - Danielle

If you're looking for a pure bred lab, Lincoln Labradors should be your first stop. We were provided with updates and pictures frequently during the long 8 week waiting period to receive our pup and even got to visit our little guy early in the process. When we finally got to bring him home, we were amazed at how smart and confident he was and completely comfortable in his surroundings. All a product of being properly raised with young children and other puppies close by. Our vet was in awe of what a beautiful and most importantly, healthy dog we had brought home. I wouldn't recommend bringing a lab puppy home from anyone else. Thanks!!!  -Brandon

Such a great breeder! These puppies are well cared for and in an exceptionally clean environment. They are well socialized & are exposed to small children. We are delighted with our puppy!  - Kim

I wanted to thank you for our Boy "Max" he is just the sweetest thing and was so easy to Potty train and he is already doing tricks. At 17 weeks he is weighing in at 42 pounds. -Danielle

"Chase" our puppy, is so comfy in his new home! He is doing so well!! Love love!! 

Lincoln Labradors you have been so wonderful and Chase is amazing!

Cannot wait to send you a picture of him at the beach! - Tara

"Someone loves the pool...and learning to be quite the swimmer. Growing so beautifully .... we more than adore her....we are over the moon .... she is by far the best puppy we've had yet! So good about "house training" staying close to us & home...not a wanderer at all. She loves her big brother Drake!! And getting along better with Juno our black lab and our 2 cats....there's an animal understanding dichotomy that interesting to watch. Just know so very grateful and appreciative of her beginning days & upbringing. You set a lovely tone & should be so very proud of your girl!"


"Just wanted to show you how the little guy is growing. We get so many compliments on him! We're starting to work in the field with him and he's doing great with retrieving hopefully soon we'll be able to start in the water. Our vet still has nothing but great things to say and tells us he will definitely be a big boy."  - Tyler







Oakley 2015 tessa litter.png



"I just wanted to let you know that Chloe has been doing great! She seems to be just as you described her mom, Lucy, which was exactly why we wanted one of Lucy’s puppy’s! She is the perfect fit for our family and everyone loves her! She also just has the sweetest best personality! She is sweet and snuggly and always close to us,... but also so happy and wiggly! She makes us laugh! Lots of joy! She loves people! She has had so much fun in the snow the past 2 days!"


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