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So what's the "Big deal" with what you feed your puppy?

Here at Lincoln Labradors, we proudly feed our puppies a high quality Premium puppy food.

You will either spend the money in a good food now, or in vet bills later  - Take your pick.  (We personally would rather spend it on quality food, then taking a sick dog to the vet, and have expensive bills.)

We believe strongly in quality nutrition.

Go to They will give the low-down on just about any dog food. 

Life's Abundance is made with high-quality meat proteins from chicken and fish!

Freshly baked within 2-4 weeks and shipped directly to your home. 

We also feed and recommend you continue Life's Abundance Agility Formula for bone/cartilage/joint support!

Life Abundance has NEVER BEEN RECALLED And is made in the USA.


When you take home your puppy, it will be on The Large Breed Puppy food

We do not recommend making any food changes as the puppy is undergoing stress, transitioning from our home to yours and sudden food changes can promote vomiting and diarrhea.

When your puppy reaches the age of 10 months old we recommend switching to the Life's Abundance Adult Foods.  Your adult Labrador, should eat 4 cups of food daily.

Split in two separate feedings if possible to stimulate metabolism. 

You will not find Life's Abundance products in stores.  Visit their site here to order or call

#877-387-4564. (When you call, please mention our ID#20689243 when placing your first order.)

Our favorite products from Life's Abundance


Biodeodorizer Spray

*A "MUST HAVE" for new puppy owners!!!

Breathe Freely
More effective than other odor-reducing products, BioDeodorizer works to naturally eliminate the source of bad odors by turning them into nature’s most basic compounds, water and carbon dioxide, without leaving bacterial waste behind on the surface. While many household deodorizers read like an indecipherable chemistry formula, our Bio-Base BioDeodorizer contains only water, alcohol and our unique digestants. And, unlike other deodorizers, ours emits no noxious odors.

Use in Every Room
Safe to spray directly onto affected areas and return practically any surface to its pristine, odor-free condition! Effective on tile, carpet, upholstery, bed pillows, trash receptacles, recycle bins, hampers and diaper pails. Eliminates odors from pet beds and pet accidents on carpet and grout, and freshens litter boxes. BioDeodorizer is non-toxic, fully biodegradable, has a neutral pH and contains no harmful phosphates. Great for anything your pet can dish out – from urine to vomit to feces.


Our safe and highly-effective biological cleaning products…

  • Safe for use around kids, pets & eating areas

  • Apply directly to pet beds, litter boxes, trash bins & hampers

  • Use on hard & soft surfaces, including carpet & fabric

  • Subtle, pleasant fragrance

  • Neutral pH

  • 100% Biodegradable

  • No dyes, VOCs, phenols, glycol ethers or phosphates


Revitalizing Shampoo

This Shampoo will change you and your furry pets life. Revitalizing Shampoo doesn’t just mask odors … moisture activated odor-fighters react immediately to absorb and neutralize tough pet odors. All that’s left after a bath is a beautiful coat, fragrant with a delicate citrus aroma. Gentle enough for puppies and kittens. 


Bath Fresh Mist

The perfect finish to a bath or a great between-bath freshener, you’ll love the way your pet smells after a spritz of Bath Fresh Mist! Gentle enough for puppies and kittens.

Wellness Food Supplement

Supplementing your dog’s diet can play a crucial role in maintaining overall health. We know that some dogs require additional nutritional intake to help them maintain a healthy body, due to age, breed, environment and other factors. Based on this premise, our holistic veterinarian has formulated the perfect complement to your dog’s daily diet. Life’s Abundance Wellness Food Supplement for Dogs is formulated with a broad array of naturally nutritious ingredients from real food to help maintain overall health. The nutrients contained in this superior supplement are sourced from foods, chicken liver, cranberries, carrots, eggs, pineapples and many others.

This chewable tablet includes the following nutritious ingredients:

  • Chicken liver, which is rich in vitamin A and D, protein and selenium.

  • Natural vitamin E, which is an antioxidant.

  • Taurine, which is an essential amino acid.

  • Cranberries, a rich source of vitamin C, dietary fiber and manganese.

  • Carrots, a rich source of beta-carotene (vitamin A), vitamins C, D, and E, riboflavin, niacin, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, sodium and iron.

  • Dried egg, one of nature's most nutrient-dense foods, plays an important role in a balanced diet. Eggs are considered a complete protein source, providing essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals (vitamins A, B, E, biotin, and sulfur). Eggs also provide healthy fats, such as omega-6 for healthy skin and a glossy coat.

  • Ground Flaxseed is a rich plant source of antioxidant lignans and omega-3 fatty. Flaxseed meal also has a very high level of protein and essential amino acids. In addition, flaxseed meal contains significant amounts of fiber, vitamin E, folic acid, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin B6 and is extremely rich in the minerals potassium, calcium and phosphorus.

  • Direct-fed microbials, ingredients similar to those found in supermarket yogurts.

  • Ester-C*, a unique and patented form of vitamin C (calcium ascorbate).

  • Tomato pomace, a good source of lycopene and vitamin C.

  • Alfalfa meal, which is a good source of protein, vitamin A, niacin and calcium, and a very good source of dietary fiber, vitamin C, thiamin, riboflavin, folate, pantothenic acid, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, copper and manganese.

  • Pineapple, which is a good source of enzymes, vitamins, minerals and fiber.


Buffalo Bully Sticks

One thing all puppies and dogs have in common … they love to chew and they love meat! Now you can give your dog real chewing satisfaction that’s not only scrumptious but also natural and completely healthy, with our free-range, grass-fed buffalo chews.

These wholesome dog treats …

• Help reduce tartar and maintain canine dental health
• An alternative to beef bully sticks
• Contain no additives or preservatives
• Provide a rewarding chewing experience


Gourmet Dental Treats

Healthy teeth and gums are an important consideration for your dog’s overall health. Poor dental hygiene can result in health consequences throughout the whole body, not just the mouth. With these treats, you don't have to worry about brushing your dogs teeth. These treats do it for you!

These Gourmet Dental Treats contain a variety of healthy grains, high-quality proteins plus hefty helpings of calcium and phosphorus, which are important nutrients for strong bones and teeth. And, we’ve included parsley to freshen your dog’s breath.

With Gourmet Dental Treats, you'll be helping to support dental health and treating your dog to scrumptious oven-baked goodness!


Porky Puffs

Dogs can’t resist the rich aroma of our delicious pig snouts. Porky Puffs chewable treats are non-greasy and contain no artificial preservatives or flavors. And with no artificial colors, you won’t have to worry about hard-to-remove stains in your carpet!

Porky Puffs are a safe alternative to rawhide, which can cause choking, throat irritations and potentially dangerous intestinal blockages.

Appropriate for dogs of all ages, we guarantee they'll come for the flavor and stay for the pure contentment of chewing.

Give your sweet pup something to be truly thankful for – yummy Porky Puffs!

Made in the USA.


For Puppies up to 12 Months of age, we recommend the Large Breed Puppy Food


Once your puppy is 12 Months of age, we recommend switching to All life Stage Dog Food.

This food is suitable to continue through the rest of your dogs life.

All these products can be found by clicking HERE

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