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Deposit spots are open for our Spring Litter.

All Yellow Litter.

Ready to "Go-Home" Late May/Early June 2023

Detailed information about our cost and process is below. 

Feel free to contact us for additional information and specific details.

Email for more info

  All sales are subject to 6% PA Sales Tax.

Please Note: Puppies are picked out in the order that deposits are received. 


Please view our "Adoption Process" to understand how to proceed with our adoption process,

and welcome a puppy into your home! 




To place a $500 deposit, please contact us! 

Please Note: All Deposits are Non-Refundable.



As long as I don't have pups under 7 weeks old, I will allow visitors.  As much as I love visitors to show off my dogs - Pups are Not Born with an immune system, they get it from the mom's milk, and then their first Vaccine at 7 weeks of age. So as long as I have Pups 7 Weeks or under. I can NOT have visitors at that time. Please have respect for the health of my Dogs/Puppies.

If it is a time we can have Visitors, Please, Please, Please, DO NOT visit directly after viewing another kennel, pet store, humane society or anywhere that sells puppies or kittens, or stores that allow dogs to visit, within 72 hours before coming to our place. Due to the potential of disease transmission, deadly viruses can travel on your clothes & bottom of your shoes. Kennel cough can even travel in your hair.  You MUST shower between visits change clothes and shoes and wash your hair. Please do not come at all if you have been around dogs or cats that are sick, have flees, ticks, mites, kennel cough, parvo, or anything that can be passed along to the moms or pups. These diseases can have the potential to wipe out an entire litter. 

Finally, DO NOT bring your pets along in your vehicle, when you come to visit. Other dogs are NOT permitted on our property, both for their safety and our dogs health and Safety.

Thank you for caring as much as we do!


Puppies are not a product. They cannot be ordered exactly to what shade of Yellow or gender you would like. It is recommended to have a second choice that you would be happy with. If mama does not have any resulting pups, your deposit will be carried on to another litter, as deposits are non refundable.

Important note: Just because any mama has been bred, does not mean she will conceive or even have resulting babies, anything can happen. Even once a litter is born, the first 2 weeks are no guarantee for the puppies. Reproduction is very tough, we try our best, invest sooo many hours into progesterone testing & breeding, but the bottom line is, we do our part, and nature sometimes results otherwise. If this happens, your deposit will be carried on to another litter. 







IMG_0691-4 Months.jpg

Harper x Patton Puppy
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