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Visitor Policy

At this time we do not allow visitors to our home, until the puppies have received their first shots at 7-8 weeks of age. Even then, we only allow those that have a paid deposit with us, to come visit the puppies.

We never allow other animals on or around our property. If you do bring another dog with you, we please ask that you leave them with someone in your vehicle, while you come to get your puppy.

The risk of outside diseases and viruses, especially Parvo, are a very real and very scary thing. All we want is to protect our puppies, dogs and future litters. Once Parvo is introduced into an environment, it is EXTREAMELY difficult to remove completely. Parvo can be life threatening to our puppies.

We understand that it is no "fun" to not be able to go visit, and hold cute puppies, but please know that Parvo is NOT "fun" for us either, and we would rather avoid it at all cost.

We hope you can understand that this policy is to protect our puppies and dogs.

Thank you for caring as much as we do about their health and safety!

Here is a short clip on the seriousness of Parvo



 The Lincoln Labrador Family Labs :) 

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